Keg closures for Flexi Draft from Micromatic

Kegverschlüsse in verschiedenen Ausführungen für das Flexi Draf System von Micromatic. Flexi-Draft ist ein innovatives Ausschanksystem mit hygienischer Einweg- Bierleitung für Schankanlagen mit Thekenanstich & mobile Kühltheken.
Anstatt einer herkömmlichen Schanksäule installieren Sie eine Flexi-Draft Säule.
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Keg closures in various designs for the Flexi Draf system from Micromatic. Flexi-Draft is an innovative dispensing system with a hygienic one-way beer line for dispensing systems with counter tapping & amp; mobile kitchen counters.
Instead of a conventional bar column, install a Flexi-Draft column.
A one-way line for the flat basket, basket or draft basket is placed in this column System and connected to a special Flexi-Draft tap head.
Then you can connect the chilled keg to the tap head as usual.
The one-way beer line has a fixed length of approx. 140 cm.
The keg remains until it is completely finished. lligen emptying connected to the tap head. If you accidentally disconnect the dispensing head, you will need a new line, as the hygienic one-way function is guaranteed by a special mechanism in the lower part of the line. You should therefore always have enough disposable lines available to ensure continuous serving.
The Flexi-Draft disposable line has an ID of 4 mm and is suitable for most types of beer.
The Pressure in the keg is reduced over the length and the cross-section of the line so that, with the correct setting of the pressure reducer, a perfect tapping process is possible.
Other: & bull; F & uuml; For wheat / wheat beers, a special line is currently being developed which will be available shortly.
& bull; For the serving of stout beer you need a special line which is not yet available.
& nbsp;


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