Tap fitting with compensator tap 500 gr CO² + flat cone

Wasserhahn Niederdruck
wahlweise für 1 oder 2 Becken
info:Niederdruckhähne sind i.d.R. für Durchlauferhitzer
Kalt- und Warmwasser
verchromt mit Unterspülrohr
inklusive Flexschläuchen (Ausnahme :Kupferrohr 1 Becken),Anschluss für Gläserspüler,Kontermutter und Dichtung
82,11 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs (GLS)


Tap fitting with piston or compensator tap
1 flat cone (others on request) all with 3/4 "CO 2 & amp; 5/8" beer connection except plug-in nipple fitting
1 x carbonic acid bottle 500 g carbonic acid bottle including filling according to E290 - Made in Germany - for simple postage according to dangerous goods regulation ADR / SV 653
1 x pressure reducer with level indicator
1 x stainless steel column incl. compensator tap
approx. 1 m beer hose with connecting pieces and fastening material (loose hose for plug-in nipple system) for placing on a counter or worktop
height approx. 40 cm, Ø 8 cm
1 x carbon dioxide hose with 2 Connection pieces
All you need is just a barrel. Beer
(cooling not included)
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