Saber agitator motor for dispensers

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Saber agitator motor for dispensers
complete with wings and connection cable

Wavelength (incl. vanes / without motor 175 mm)
Motor height from support screw connection 60mm
Total height 285mm
Hole spacing 80mm
Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz,
IP protection 44
Insulation class B: (155 ° C)
Thermal protection: impedance protected
Input power: 22 W
Motor speed: 2800 rpm
A paddle agitator motor for dispensers is a special type of motor used in the beverage industry to mix and dispense liquids such as beer or other beverages. It is essentially an electric motor that has a drive mechanism that produces rotating motion.

The agitator motor consists of a housing that contains the motor and drive components. There is a wing on the front of the case that can rotate. The wing has a wavy shape to ensure efficient mixing of the liquid.

The motor is powered by electrical energy and creates a rotary motion that is transmitted to the wing. Rotating the blade creates a vortex in the liquid, which allows for a homogeneous mixture. The agitator motor can be operated at different speeds to achieve the desired mixing consistency.

In dispensers, the agitator motor is typically placed in a container or keg that holds the beverage. The blade of the motor is immersed in the liquid and rotating the motor tumbles and mixes the beverage. At the same time, the drink can be drained and served through a tapping device.

The use of a paddle agitator motor in beer dispensers contributes to the consistency and quality of the beverage being served by ensuring that the ingredients are evenly mixed. It also helps reduce foaming and unwanted deposits.

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