Glass washing tablets 192 fillings Spülboy 100% removes bacteria & 99.9% viruses

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Glass rinsing tablets
for pre-rinsing glasses, stable beer foam,
reduces dispensing loss and is easy on the hands.
750 g for 192 fills. SPÜLBOY< font face="HelveticaNeue-Roman" size="1">® glass dishwashing tablets, similar to   soaps, primarily on the action of “surfactants”. This means has demonstrably proven as a virus remover.   Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water - the simplest and most important method to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We derive from this: Solange   original SPÜLBOY® rinsing tablets for cleaning glasses   cold water washes away germs and viruses< b>effective. The „seifenä similar” Remove dishwashing tablets verifiably at< p>  every rinse and especially with cold waterup to  < font face="HelveticaNeue-Roman">100% bacteria and 99.9% viruses The effectiveness of the flushing tablets has been checked and confirmed by independent institutes and authorities.     Step 1: SPÜLBOY® Glass dishwashing tablets   Use in the pre-rinse pot step 2: Glass 3-5 times with strong, rapid up and down  < /p>movement full ;ndig pre-clean in the brush pot   Step 3: Drain the glass over the pre-rinse pot   and in the post-rinse cycle at least 2-3 seconds   rinse inside and out Step 4:< font face="HelveticaNeue-Roman">Brushes daily with original SPÜLBOY® Brush cleaner   clean and wipe the device< font face="HelveticaNeue-Roman">In summary: Viruses and bacteria no chance on drinking glasses.* Use biocide product carefully . Always read the label and product information before use.  
Content: 750,00 g
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