Dispensing columns for the Flexi Draft System from Micromatic

Flexi-Draft ist ein innovatives Ausschanksystem mit hygienischer Einweg- Bierleitung für Schankanlagen mit Thekenanstich & mobile Kühltheken.
Anstatt einer herkömmlichen Schanksäule installieren Sie eine Flexi-Draft Säule.
In diese Säule wird eine Einwegleitung für das Flach-, Korb- oder Draftkorb-System eingelegt und mit einem speziellen Flexi-Draft Zapfkopf verbunden.
Danach können Sie das gekühlte Keg wie gewohnt mit dem Zapfkopf anschließen.
Die Einweg-Bierleitung hat eine feste Länge von ca. 140 cm.
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Flexi-Draft is an innovative dispensing system with a hygienic one-way beer line for dispensing systems with counter tapping & amp; mobile kitchen counters.
Instead of a conventional bar column, install a Flexi-Draft column.
A one-way line for the flat basket, basket or draft basket is placed in this column System and connected to a special Flexi-Draft tap head.
Then you can connect the chilled keg to the tap head as usual.
The one-way beer line has a fixed length of approx. 140 cm.
The keg remains connected to the tap head until it is completely emptied. If you accidentally uncouple the dispensing head you will need a new line, because the hygienic one-way function is guaranteed by a special mechanism in the lower part of the line. You should therefore always have enough disposable lines available to ensure continuous serving.
The Flexi-Draft disposable line has an ID of 4 mm and is suitable for most types of beer.
The Pressure in the keg is reduced over the length and the cross-section of the pipe so that, with the correct setting of the pressure reducer, a perfect tapping process is possible.
Miscellaneous: • For wheat / wheat beers, the Zeit is developing a special line which will be available shortly.
Required for serving stout beer
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