Wessamat Ice Crusher C-103

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For the preparation of drinks and cocktails, as well as for the presentation of food and drinks, crushed ice is increasingly used in gastronomy. The electronic ice crushers from WESSAMAT are space-saving, easy to use and turn ice cubes into perfect crushed ice in seconds.
Crystal clear crushed ice is the guarantee for exceptional cocktails, refreshing drinks, evenly cooled food and satisfied guests. Because the crystal-clear ice diamonds make imaginative drinks and deliciously cool mixed drinks not only tasteful, but also aesthetically a special experience. Fruit, salads, juices and fresh products are a special treat, fresh and lightly chilled. Here too, crushed ice is the ideal basis for extraordinary arrangements and impressive presentations.
Compact dimensions

Particularly noteworthy is the compact design. The footprint of the crushers C 103, for example, is smaller than a DIN A4 sheet. With a height of 320 mm is really for this device behind every counter. Wherever crushed ice is needed in somewhat larger quantities (for the presentation of food and drinks, salad bars, etc.), the ice crusher C 105 is just the right device.
Easy handling
The crushed ice can be produced as required in portions or in stock. For this, the crusher is filled with ice cubes from above. The crushed crushed ice collects in the collecting tray, which can be removed completely or partially from the crusher in order to remove the crushed ice.
Reliable technology
For the crushing of the ice cubes a considerable purchase expenditure is necessary. The crusher grinders are therefore subject to the highest demands. The special WESSAMAT comminution technology protects the mechanics, minimizes force expenditure and reduces energy consumption. Only ice cubes of ice cube makers (no frozen ice cubes) may be used for comminution.
Ideal combination

The crushers from WESSAMAT are the ideal addition for any ice cube maker. The combination with a WESSAMAT ice cube maker is particularly recommended. Because WESSAMAT ice cube makers with their special ice-making technology produce crystal-clear ice cubes and thus create the best conditions for perfect crushed ice.
Technical specifications:

Dimensions (HxWxD): 315 x 175 x 330 mm Finish: Stainless steel Power: 3 kg / min Stock: 1 kg
Power consumption: 0.15 KW
Weight: 10 kg