Oxilite disinfectant beer & AFG 1 liter disinfectant

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Oxilite cleaning concentrate and disinfectant 1 l
Sensational new disinfection process
For all dispensing systems, AFG systems, water pipes, tanks, surfaces
etc approved according to TVO; Corresponds to EG safety data sheet 93/112/EG appendix paragraph 1.3. as well as the Chemicals Act and Ordinance on Hazardous Substances non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% degradable
Ingredients: proportion of chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, UBA: 42010001, biocide reg. no. N-21960. These substances together work far more effectively than each individual procedure! Biofilm degradation is 100% safe and proven by chemical testing. Oxilite is approved for drinking water, is not corrosive and still has a far greater effect than other individual processes!
In contrast to conventional processes, which only guarantee sterility using chemicals, With Oxilite, the user has a product that offers him the guarantee of being able to achieve absolute freedom from germs.
The user holds a product in his hand which leaves no residue, biodegradable is: which completely excludes possible damage to the material. which is approved according to the Drinking Water Ordinance, and yet requires sanitation to an unprecedented extent; guaranteed. which results in time savings of at least 25% in cleaning and sanitation.
With conventional cleaning, detergent and water are flushed through the pipes in a closed circuit for so long or the agent has to be used. remain in the lines for a longer period of time until sterility is established. This process usually takes 20-30 minutes. Added to this is the time required for rinsing the lines and mechanically cleaning the dispensing taps and the connection parts. All in all, a cleaning time of approx. 45 minutes can be expected. In contrast to this, decontamination with Oxilite is an option.Oxilite is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:50 (1:30 for heavy soiling), approx. Pressed through all lines for 10 minutes, sterility is established and the biofilm is demonstrably broken down. Mechanical cleaning should be carried out at the same time using three-way devices. Rinsing the sanitized lines with water is only necessary for a very short time. The other equipment such as beer taps, taps, etc. are sprayed with Oxilite after cleaning to ensure sterility here as well. Then you can switch to cleaning with Oxilite. By using Oxilite, any existing biofilm will be reduced over time. After regression, deposits can no longer form in the pipes because the breeding ground for bacteria, germs and fungi is greatly reduced and completely eliminated over time. Oxilite also has the property of eliminating annoying odors in the bar area (counter drain). Surfaces in counters and kitchen areas cleaned with Oxilite can then be described as germ-free. Oxilite can be used on any surface and can be used without any risk to the material. However, you should not use it on stainless steel for several hours, please wipe it off in good time. There is no resistance to Oxilite! A germinating effect in the water can be determined and verified by redox measurement. The germinating effect occurs from a redox value of over 300 mVa, the higher the redox value, the greater the germ killing. Before starting cleaning work, you should carry out a redox measurement on your Oxilite. Oxilite should have a redox value of Have more than 1000 mVa to enable an optimal effect. When using Oxilite in a mixture of 1:30, the voltage rises to over 700 mVa and thus has a very fast and safe germinating effect. When cleaning the lines, measure the redox value of the Oxilite mixture at the farthest point (tap) to ensure that the desired redox value of 700 mVa is reached there, sterility is then established. - Below 250 mVa, a germicidal effect is no longer guaranteed. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Oxilite is so versatile that we cannot list all possible uses here.   Use the biocidal product carefully . Always read label and product information before use.
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