GDW Foldable Stainless Steel - Rear Desk LED RGB Lightbox 1,25m with curtain

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Height-adjustable feet
Counter connector
Floor fixing made of stainless steel
Work surface with gully
Powder coating in desired color
Transport bags in different versions
Forwarding cable for LED lighting (Y-cable)


Shipping time: 12 - 16 workdays

GDW Mobile Stainless Steel Backbuffet with LED RGB Lightbox

set up in seconds
Space-saving storage by folding system


To build

Cut off the sides of the stainless steel base in U-shape. Insert PE plates into the stainless steel hollow bodies of the undercarriage using guide profiles-finished.

(Middle plate is secured with screws)



data sheet

Counter consisting of 4 parts
Base made of stainless steel square tube

1 curtain in black with curtain rail

Counter top made of aluminum Dibond (Masterbond, white, opaque)
Counter boards made of PE500 plastic

Available in black / white marbled (standard), black or stracciatella (white with black, fine dots)

The plates are food safe and unbreakable
Thickness = 15mm, additionally supported with 30mm aluminum profiles
2 heavy-duty magnets, for better transport when the counter is folded


stainless steel frame

· Width 1250mm

· Height 1730mm

· Depth 620mm

· Height from floor to work surface 900mm

· Height between work surface and counter board 360mm


Counter board above

· 1250mm x 195mm


Counter board middle

· 1250mm x 195mm

working surface

· 1250x600mm



· Stainless steel frame 49kg

· Working surface 15,7kg

· Tray board middle and top each 5.3 kg







Please choose your accessories / preview image left * (descriptions see below)

In our shop, we have other items ready for you such.

· Digital printing
· Transport boxes
· Sinks, drip plates & mixer taps



GDW = 100% Made in Germany

The counters are made in our factory in Ostwestfalen. The production takes place only after receipt of order, since many accessories must be included in the production process.

For this reason, there are no stock items. The delivery time is i.d.R. at about 14 days.

You are welcome to contact us in advance by phone.


What is PE 500?

PE 500 is a high molecular weight polyethylene that has good mechanical properties such as scratch and cut resistance and very good acid resistance.



What is Foamlite?

Foamlite® P lightweight panels are nearly 30 percent lighter than comparable panels, with high Mewian stability.
UV-resistant. Grained surface with high scratch resistance.

Description counter accessories

Height-adjustable feet
suitable for all counters
Price is for a set of 4 pieces per counter
Material: Plastic

counter connector
for fixing several counters to each other
including 2 x laser hole, screw and nut
suitable for all counters

Floor mounting for counters
for fastening by means of screws e.g. at tent floors etc.
suitable for all counters
Price is for 2x pieces
Material: stainless steel

Intermediate floor for bar counters 1.25m or beer counters 1.25, 1.5m or 2m
Intermediate floor made of screen printing plates
2 rails made of stainless steel
Thickness 15mm
Color: brown
Rough on one side
Reinforced with aluminum profiles
Unless stated otherwise, the plate is installed halfway up to the working surface
If you have ordered different counters, so please tell us which counters are equipped with the intermediate bottom
The attachment is made by means of two stainless steel rails which are mounted on the inside of the respective counter wings in existing slots. Now the plate is hung with the U-profiles underneath in the stainless steel rails

Circumferential milling edge as a drip tray
Possible for all GDW counters whether folding counter or longdrinktheken
Cutting depth 5 mm
Milling width10 mm Milling distance to the edge 50 mm
Rounded corner milling
without expiry
Price is for one counter
If the milling edge is also desired in the output area of ??longdrinktheken, then this article must be placed twice in the shopping cart
Note: The milling distance on longboard counters is only 20 mm

Powder coating in the desired color
Powder coating of the stainless steel frames in your desired color e.g. Black or white
The price is per counter
Delivery time about 3 weeks

Bags for counters
Ideal for protecting our GDW counters during transport.
All pockets are sewn on 3 sides and have a velcro on top
Made of durable needle felt.
Available for each single plate made of PE 500 or as a set incl. Under-pocket.
without carrying handles

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